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Solder fume in the workplace can cause occupational asthma and lead to increased sick leave and potential compensation claims. A solder fume extraction system from Purex can prevent this.

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Purex International supply technically advanced solder fume extraction systems for soldering processes through a large and well trained distributor network in over 26 countries. The Purex philosophy is to provide the best fume extraction systems and service to the customer to:

• Improve soldered product quality
• Reduce thermal processing costs
• Protect the occupational health and safety of personnel
• and to protect the environment

Why do I need solder fume extraction when soldering?

All soldering processes such as hand soldering using a soldering iron or automated soldering using for example a reflow oven will produce hazardous fume. This solder fume is an occupational health and safety risk and can cause serious long term medical conditions should employees be exposed.

Where do I find out more?

This website contains information on Purex solder fume extraction systems. It also contains occupational health and safety information and brochures which can be downloaded free. Should you require further information as to which fume extraction system is best, you can contact us here or call +44 (0)1709 763000



Download the HSE booklet on Solder Fume

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laminar flow extraction

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solder fume extraction




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